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Weasel Press is a beat publisher, still figuring things out in this crazy world of literature. We’re renegades with very little resources, but we’re dedicated to our authors. We’re loud and sometimes obnoxious.

 We started out as a literary journal called Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones (still in print). From there we’ve taken on some stellar titles, added a few more publications to the list and teamed up with Mind Stead Productions for an epic release of Open Mind. We’ve put our hands in so many different pots of this world, it still amazes us.

 Weasel Press is a publisher of Beat literature. What is Beat? Beat means something for everyone. For us, Beat is the grunge that’s plastered on the concrete. It’s an exploration of people. It analyzes the lovesick, the poor, the insane, etc. It’s fucking real. It’s suffering, and it takes that suffering and makes it art. Beat is rebellious. Beat is where you get torn apart, but it doesn’t get you down. It toughens your bones.

 Take a look at our catalogue, you’ll find some gut-punching titles in there. If you have any questions, or just want to talk, feel free to hit us up.

 We gladly accept all questions, comments, concerns through email at thedude@weaselpress.com



Our Staff

Weasel  The Dude


The Dude

Sendokidu “The Fox” Adomi  Editor

Sendokidu “The Fox” Adomi


Jonathan W. Thurston  Editor

Jonathan W. Thurston


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