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a warm place to self-destruct

a warm place to self-destruct


I devoured the quite satisfying "warm place to self-destruct" in mere hours, and it is time well spent in the theatre of imagination. Weasel’s poems transport you into this hypnotic, darkly erotic, elegiac, fatalistic netherworld; an invitation to his private purgatory of fears and desires. Do yourself a favor and curl up with this passionate monster of a book. It will resonate with you long after you've turned the last page.

—Brian Kehinde, author of Synchronicity In Violence.

Weasel is like Charles Bukowski with a twist – he focuses on the sensuality of experience but also manages to reveal decadent natures of sexuality and the self. "a warm place to self-destruct" has an affinity for the cosmic and the devastating. It is the gateway between worlds through its meditative style of poetic exploration. This collection has its roots firmly planted in an environment which Weasel interprets as sensuous, raw and terrifying. It acts as a warning against the comfort of familiarity which can eventually push a man into the depths of despair. These poems read as a yearning for excitement and adventure and ponder the possibility of reaching beyond the boundaries we set ourselves, to overcome our inner lethargy to discover a more fulfilling existence.

—Nathan Hassall, author of The Flesh and Mortar Prophecy

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