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Beneath This Planetarium

Beneath This Planetarium


Beneath this Planetarium by Michael Prihoda takes the reader through a whirlwind of a journey that spans from the whimsical to macabre. This collection is a series of broad overarching thoughts about the world interspersed with the narrow reflections of human relationships and existence. It’s a compelling read with imagery that allows its audience to feel, taste, smell, and be moved by each and every piece as Prihoda shares proverbial wisdom and cries out for change. --Sherayah Witcher

Beneath This Planetarium is an education in disillusionment and survival. Disillusionment with the human capacity for cultural, socio-political, and personal neglect. Survival through the realization that wisdom and care can be hidden in the things we fear the most. These truths and hopes are not left in the open to be stolen or corrupted. They are buried, deep within a complex structure of loss and living. The onus is on us (the readers) to find them:

“here is our mother. she is making

the bed, pushing out from the doorway

to another door another way of being.”

--Peter Gabriel Res, poet & editor, author of the softest girl on earth (a…p press, 2015)

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