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Chaos Songs

Chaos Songs


A cataclysmic underworld of delights, Outlar’s work will send you soaring through turbulent skies and diving into treacherous waters. It will make you feel grateful to kiss the ground beneath you. Certain pieces act as mirror poems, making you face the darkest truths about yourself and your current outlook on life, even if you do not seek such silent advice. Others are mirages in a diurnal necropolis. However, I demand more! What an honorable thrill ride!

—Z.M. Wise, author of Wolf: An Epic and Other Poems, Assistant Editor at Transcendent Zero Press

“No Bullshit…It is the only way.” Declares Scott Thomas Outlar in his new poetry collection Chaos Songs. Outlar and his poems will punch you like haymakers: just as Outlar has barraging the contemporary poetry scene for a while, splashing in with his first salvo, Songs of a Dissident…he’s not just “into” poetry…he’s helping shape it, as his war on the soul wages. These poems are interested in waking you up, as Outlar orates, “The truth is bigger/than one moment.” Outlar’s Songs swing with prophetic fervor. Wake up and read him.

—Matthew David Campbell Author 
Harmonious Anarchy; The House of Eros

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