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Cut the Loss

Cut the Loss


Cut The Loss is a relationship with vulnerability and heartwords. Weasel has written a collection of touch, broken tongues, and compassion. A true breath of words ala beat poet of our generation. -Edward Vidaurre, 2018-2019 McAllen, TX Poet Laureate, author of JAZzHOUSE and I Took My Barrio On A Road Trip

Talented poets have the ability to pack a lot of power into their images and metaphors. Weasel Patterson has this talent, a natural gift which cannot be taught, unlike metrics and form. The poetry in his new collection bristles with this self-same powerful energy and intensity, a riveting reading experience not for the faint-hearted --and not to be missed. -Thomas White, author of Ghostly Pornographers

In this poetry of polyamory and possible psychosis, Weasel Patterson transforms the mundane elements of the writing life (coffee, cigarettes, personal pain, attractive addictions, lost and living love) into truly memorable moments of dark insight. Taking Ferlinghetti's form, summoning the spirits of other Gonzo Beats (Ginsburg, Hunter S), Crowley's mythological masters (Pan, Baphomet) and his own raw experience (outdoor blowjobs, storms, 1st sexual encounters literally in the closet), Weasel turns this "seance of bad choices" into "a manual (on how) to be human". He shows himself as a man who lives by "jamming forks in outlets", dodging "ghosts throwing dildos", and ultimately a soul who cannot be constrained in one love ("little fox") or contained by bourgeois social propriety. Weasel's vibrant and important work offers a raw honesty that makes most of the rest of so-called cutting edge artists seem like dull butter knives in comparison. -PoetKen Jones, author of Life Expectancy, and Mr. Karma

With unflinching imagery and unvarnished emotions, the poet sets us on a journey to discover the "art of detachment" from our relationships ( gay or straight), our pasts, our reality, our suicidal ideations, our fear of the inexorability of death, and our terror of the inevitability of life. -LuLynne Streeter, author of Frozen Lives, and editor of Hollering Woman Press

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