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Hyper-Real Reboots

Hyper-Real Reboots


There is a great transformative element to Sudeep Adhikari's work. Everything bends and morphs into something else, as Sudeep wrestles with the Buddha and the modern world with equal vigor. Spatial perspectives float around resulting in a trippy hypnotizing effect on the reader. If you dig top notch writing that doesn't shy away, then Hyper-Real Reboots is for you. Ryan Quinn Flanagan, author of Auto Body Experience, Smash and Grab Poems, Seven Smiles from Heartache and more.

My colleague from Nepal, Dr. Sudeep Adhikari has written a damn fine book of poetry. His words are like water from the Himalayas, drifting and eddying through your thought-stream. He writes of Mandalas, Kalchakras, and Mandelbrot, I confess I needed Google to climb that mountain of knowledge. Sudeep captures the imagination with: “the Zen of half-burnt bricks, quantum clouds of Taylor Swift, badass screams of death metal, days standing on bones of anxiety, colors of psychosis and rapture, loneliness despair and sorrow are a window,” There are a few monsters lurking in the shadows. Let’s end with a, “Chinese funeral stripper.” My favorite title is, “fables of innocent madness”. These poems will make you grin and contemplate. I highly recommend buying a copy or two, what the hell buy twenty and send me fifty dollars. Catfish McDaris, author of Prying Refried (in collaboration with Charles Bukowski and Jack Micheline), Dreaming with Frida Kahlo, 27 Hammerheads Circling Ever Closer, and more

Poetry in its purest essence has the potential to create new emotions, sounds, shapes, forms, and colors through the way in which the ideas presented are able to ignite explosive imagery behind a reader’s eyes. In his latest collection, Sudeep Adhikari has proven this point well. His work in Hyper-Real Reboots takes one on a journey through realms of rock music, philosophy, psychology, personal insights, quantum theory, and the existential quandaries that keep us all wondering about the true meaning of life. Adhikari remains one of my favorite contemporary poets because of the intelligence and power he always brings to the page with so much style. Scott Thomas Outlar, author of Poison in Paradise, Songs of a Dissident, Happy Hour Hallelujah and more

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