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If the Hero of Time was Black

If the Hero of Time was Black


Ashley Harris emerges with her first chapbook of poetry, If the Hero of Time was Black-a fierce collection of work mixing themes of The Legend of Zelda and issues of racism. Harris' book is an unflinching body of work, unafraid to tell the cold, hard truth when it needs to be spoken. Weaving powerful and impactful scenes, this chapbook pulls readers right into heart of the issue and doesn't let up.

"If The Hero of Time Was Black takes one of America's favorite video games and uses it to masterfully demonstrate just how deeply the thread of inequality is woven into society. Harris not only explores the issues of race, but she directly addresses players of the game and implores them not to ignore striking similarities between the real and virtual worlds." --Sherayah Witcher, Thurston Howl Publications

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