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In and of Blood

In and of Blood


We're all monsters.

In In and of Blood, Kat Lewis uses beautifully violent language to prove that there is no good or evil - only circumstances. As her characters try to mitigate their immorality and point fingers to say that their monstrosity is no worse than others', Lewis splays a truth about the human condition across each page.

Her stories, "Six Weeks of Solitude" and "Jello Shots and Shopping Carts" focus on the psychological monsters of hate and self-destruction. Lewis turns to physical monsters with the resurrection of a teenage girl in "#324" and the personification of death as a fisherman in "Hook, Line, and Dead." The title story, "In and of Blood," explores the lives of two werewolf sisters as one sister embraces her feral nature and lives as a wolf while the other rejects her inner creature and struggles to live as a human.

Visceral, vicious, and unwavering, In and of Blood captivates as it comments on the monstrosity inside us all and reminds us that sometimes it's okay to be a monster.

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