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Kisses and Kickflips

Kisses and Kickflips


Feturing artwork by GlitterTrapBoy

https: //twitter.com/glitterdeadboy

This poetry collection tells the story of a gay couple who develop a complicated relationship. The first few poems I wrote came from a simple erotic idea. A grungy skater boyfriend who enjoys public sex and pretends he doesn't care. But as life changes, we do too, and so must that tough but lovable skate dog.

Character studies have always been appealing to me; I enjoy the idea of exploring the motives of a character and how they feel. Poetry has also been a fascinating form of writing to me, but I had never before found anything to drive me into writing it extensively. This collection is an attempt to merge those two interests. I wrote this collection of poetry, but it isn't my poetry. It is a character's.

The poems in this collection feature themes of love, attachment, desire, and sex, and like in real life, time and mistakes play a prominent role in growing. All the poems are biographical with an attempt for realism and honest emotions.

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