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Klonopin Meets Sisyphus

Klonopin Meets Sisyphus


Klonopin Meets Sisyphus By Adam Lenon Brown is a masterpiece! I do not know of a poet today writing with as much honesty about mental illness, about love and pain and ultimately about hope. This book is a triumph of man over the inner demons we all face in one way or another. Adam takes you on an internal journey about what it is to be a man living with all the fears and wants and ambitions we all share, his life is as unique as his stark and powerful images and his pain hurts enough to cut you on the first reading, still he faces it all with hope and searches for love and redemption with fierce and powerful words that can make you cry, and later make you pump a fist in the air as you shout hell yes!! This is a book to savor, to read in one sitting, then to wipe the tears out of your eyes and read again. - Matthew Borczon Author of Ghost Highway Blues

Adam Levon Brown's new book Klonopin and Sisyphus is an amazing display of true vulnerability. Brown, who I consider to be the fastest growing poet, talent-wise, in the entire literary world, speaks of various struggles throughout his life. The title perfectly encapsulates what Brown does in this book--a feat often attempted but rarely pulled off with such acumen. From lost first loves to confronting the fact that he has been too humble toward other people in his life, this book scrutinizes both the aspects of mental illness (Klonopin) and the fact that Brown feels he is eternally trying to reach an inner peace only to have to start all over again (Sisyphus). This is a stage to page book for the ages. The book's main theme may be vulnerability but there are occasional redemptive moments such as in the poem "Cigarettes and Anxiety" in which Brown utters "I will beat these addictions and conquer these fears." Overall, I think this is Brown's best book yet, as he peels back the layers of viscera and reveals his heart to the world. Brown is a poet I've been watching since his very first book and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. - Heath Brougher, Author of The Ethnosphere's Duality

Klonopin Meets Sisyphus is a raw chapbook of poetry, filled with truth and hardship. A book for the lone vagabond, who knows the shadier sides of life, this book is unafraid to get real, to push life in your face. Brown's latest chapbook will tumble its readers through each page, and leave them shaken.

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