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Knotted Vol. I

Knotted Vol. I


Get entangled with darker worlds. Some of our desires are unconventional, maybe even taboo. A lot of folks out there just want a simple fuck, but others may want to indulge in something wilder. Knotted is a collection of eight anthropomorphic tales that explore this savage side. There are no baby steps here, readers are shoved into various worlds where the characters run off with what they want most. From losing control to getting restless in your search, some appetites are too addicting to let go. Stories featured:

01. Okami to Shika by Corgi.W

02. Pony She Wrote by Franklin Leo

03. A Moment of Darkness by NightEyes DaySpring

04. Due by Slip-Wolf

05. Family Ties by Hooves

06. Submit by Arian Mabe

07. Resolutions by Khaz

08. The Meat Market by Kits Koriohn

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