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Knotted Vol. II

Knotted Vol. II


Knotted is an anthology of darker pleasures, inviting readers to explore their wilder fantasies through a collection of fiction. Intended for adult audiences only, these eight stories plunge into the adventurous side of the bedroom, satiating a dominating hunger from the painful world of electric stimulation to the light and playful world of controlling another's orgasm. Everyone has their sexual tastes, and we can be a little ravenous at times when it comes to feeding them. But, it's okay to indulge when the sin feels just right.

Knotted is an anthology intended for adults only. It features stories from: Jonathan W. Thurston, TJ Minde, Rechan, BanWynn Oakshadow, Televassi, Tyson West, Mog Moogle, and Madison Scott-Clary.

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