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Pan's Saxophone

Pan's Saxophone


"Rapunzel. The Pied Piper. Van Gogh. Steve Jobs. Aphrodite. Dionysius. Pinocchio. You'll find all of them and more here, rendered in a surrealist voice intertwined with elements of science, music, politics, and both visionary and whimsical extrapolations. Exploring themes personal and universal, the poems in Pan's Saxophone resonate with accomplished craft and an incisive intelligence. If you are looking for serious contemporary poetry that is dense, intense, and passonate, you've come to the right place. Highly recommended. Five stars!" -Bruce Boston, SFPA Grandmaster, author of Artifacts

Having selected his work when I was a poetry editor for Pedestal Magazine, it's a thrill that Abellanosa has provided a collection of his outstanding poems. Each one is a study in unique allusion, be it fairy tales or myth. It doesn't seem fair to extract a part of a poem, for his lines are all richly interwoven. However, to give you a taste, here are the ending lines of "Pied Piper" "But there will always be someone/Like you, so on and on I play this melody, /Till your hypnotized child takes your/ Handgun and pumps a bullet in his brain." Pan's Saxophone is a powerful, unforgettable collection. Own this one, it's a keeper! - Marge Simon, SFPA Grand Master Poet and multiple Bram Stoker Winner.

As the title suggests Jonel Abellanosa's Pan's Saxophone is a musical journey of fantastical verse. Dripping with rich and beautiful allusions to the metaphysical and metaphoric Abellanosa plays his verse like small symphonies. You need to read these poems aloud to taste their true flavor. Abellanosa gives us a melodic universality to archetypes of old while creating his own mythos. He is a fresh, exciting new voice to speculative poetry. Lovers of horror, science fiction, mythology and poetry need to add Jonel Abellanosa's Pan's Saxophone to their reading lists. -David E. Cowen, author of Bleeding Saffron and Bram Stoker Nominee

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