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The House of Eros

The House of Eros


The House of Eros is a rich scripture of the body: Revelations as Rubaiyat. The poet, while hesitant to release himself from an old grief, is firmly in bliss again; he summons the language of the mystics to mark the holiness of his love -- his adoration -- the only force strong enough to hold against the indifference of the universe. -William Pierce Senior Editor Agni Magazine As richly allusive as it is impassioned, Matthew David Campbell's poetry plunges the reader into "a deluge of metaphor, and a wave in the heart." The writing is by turns carnal and metaphysical, tortured and inspired, yet it is "vulnerable in the elements" too. House of Eros announces the arrival of a powerful new poetic voice. -PhD Mark Rutter University of Winchester England, Author Basho in Acadia The House of Eros is a chapbook collection of poems by Matthew David Campbell that is simply an intoxicating and intimate experience for all readers. Campbell merges sexual expression with images of religion, the body is the altar waiting to be open by the lover. Love is its own religion, and it’s very celebrated here at the house made in its name. The poetry is primal, it’s exciting, and it’s addicting. Campbell understands how to pull his readers in and keep them there. He understands passion. Open up. Hitch a ride, and take your first bite of a collection that is sure to kick your gut and leave you crawling back for more.

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