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Toast is Just Bread that Put Up A Fight

Toast is Just Bread that Put Up A Fight


Emily Ramser is releasing her first chapbook of raw and intense poetry with Weasel Press. The collected works soon to be released will be a review into the idea of sexuality and religion. Emily plays around with a diverse set of topics and structural form of poetry in this impactful collection. Weasel Press is a new independent publisher still figuring things out in the literary world. We're dedicated in seeking quality writers and helping them get a voice in an already loud world. We're a little rusty at the moment since things are still under construction, but we hope to build a great reputation! Our first publication was Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones, a literary magazine that is still printing and still growing. From there we've grown into a few other titles. This past year we've released two issues of Vagabonds, partnered with Mind Steady Productions to bring an electric issue of Open Mind, and dove into the darker world with The Haunted Traveler. We've got a lot of plans for the near future, so stick around and watch us grow into something awesome!

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