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Uhaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems

Uhaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems


The poems in Emily Ramser’s Uhaul are irrevocably human while living in the intimacies of new love. Uhaul is a book of devotional poems that is forthright in its convictions, whether those convictions are romantic, carnal, or obsessive. Ramser comes out in declaration in the title poem “Queer,” as she “almost gagged on my own tongue” in an almost denial of her own “queerness” to her lover, only then to dive right into acceptance of self and love as the “writing” of “all these poems about caressing your hipbones and cheekbones” begins with a “hickie in the shape of a heart is left on my breast” by her muse: as the searing burn of love melts any remaining doubts as to where this is going. From here the poet feeds her lover, “decorating her mouth with chocolate crumbs” as a way of understanding love and carnal joys, or in the poem “I give you my body for your own” Ramser dismantles her physical self in offerings to her muse. Love in the book takes shape as poems take shape: always differing in form, but ever aspiring towards art. Uhaul is an earthy book that dwells in Eros with grace through tension, doubt, faith, and utter charm.

—Matthew David Campbelll, Author of Harmonious Anarchy, and The House of Eros

In her latest edition of verse, Emily Ramser serves up her heart on a silver platter to the woman she adores. Uhaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems is filled with tender words of hope, intimate songs inspired from the sounds of the forest, private moments in bed laid bare, and, on occasion, expressions of carnal desire. The reader is taken through a full cycle of romance: from the first seeds of attraction being planted in the form of a tattoo entering skin … to the final fruition of a relationship’s growth; and, in the end, you might be left wondering whether you’ve just read a book of poems or an actual proposal born of pure soul.

—Scott Thomas Outlar, Author of Chaos Songs, Songs of a Dissident, and Happy Hour Hallelujah

What I appreciate about Uhaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems by Emily Ramser is that, while definitely romantic, it is also honest.

—L.N. Holmes, A Vase of Wild Flowers

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