Weasel Press

Submission Guidelines

We are currently CLOSED for submissions.

We look at submissions that are able to show explicit portrayals of the human condition, and we love to be immersed in your work. We are accepting a wide variety of work for review: Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry, Short Story collections, Essay collections, and Scriptwriting/Playwrights. Graphic novels and Art books are a possibility, but will need further discussion. We encourage authors to send us Experimental Poetry and Fiction, Poetry, Literary Fiction, Slice of Life, Furry, LGBT (Nonfiction encouraged), Beat Fiction, Transgressive Fiction, NonFiction and anything else you believe is going to sucker-punch us in the gut.

 EROTICA! Weasel Press has an imprint for Erotic material. Anyone looking to submit anything in this genre should submit to Red Ferret Press. https://www.red-ferret.com

SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY, AND HORROR! We have an imprint for Horror and SciFi material. ANyone looking to submit anything within these genres should look at Sinister Stoat Press. https://www.sinisterstoat.com

 Although we accept a number of things, there are some things we will not accept. These include, but are not limited to: Fiction series, Christian Fiction and related sub-genres, Paranormal Romance, Teen Fiction/Young Adult Fiction, Inspirational/Motivational, Self-Help, Travel, How-To guides, Textbooks.

How we define projects

  • Poetry MicroChapbooks: Up to 24 pages of poetry.

  • Poetry Chapbooks: Up to 60 pages of poetry.

  • Full Poetry Collections: Contains 61+ pages of poetry.

  • Fiction Microchapbook: up to 15, 000K words

  • Fiction chapbooks: up to 30K words.

  • Novella: 31K to 80K words.

  • Novel: Minimum 81K words. NOTE: Weasel Press generally does not accept works that are over 140K words.

How to Submit!

Prospective authors must submit through our Submittable page. We will not accept any submissions through email. If you send your project through email it will be ignored.

 It is not the policy of Weasel Press to provide samples of our books to prospective authors. If an author wants to see our product, they can purchase a book at our Store or on Amazon and related online retailers.

 Hostile responses to rejections will result in us rejecting you for any and all Weasel Press and affiliated projects. Hostile withdrawals of submissions will result in us rejecting you for any and all Weasel Press and affiliated projects.

 Weasel Press and family really try to work with all of our authors to produce the best quality book. Although authors have some say in the production of their book, We may deny some requests pending on several aspects. Costs being the highest.

 When submitting your work, please provide a one paragraph (at least) synopsis of your project, an author bio, and a sample of your manuscript. If it’s a poetry collection or chapbook, send 3-5 poems. Novels, Novellas, etc. send 3-5 chapters. Short fiction collections 3-5 stories.


 If accepted Weasel Press and any sub-imprints will edit your manuscript. Generally this is a couple run-throughs for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. If there are sentence structure problems or anything of that nature the author will be notified and asked how to proceed. Manuscripts should be finished. We do not have the man power to continuously design unfinished books. Minor editing is alright, but sending us a half-written book is not. Difficulty over this issue will result in a withdrawal of the contract.

 Our cover designs are mostly from photo stocks purchased through 123rf.com. Authors can provide their own cover if they wish, however Weasel Press will discuss with the author options if the submitted cover is not of high quality. Difficulty over this issue will result in a withdrawal of the contract.

 Weasel Press and affiliates do not charge for our services. We do not offer cash advances.

 Our books are perfect bound, Trade Paperback.


Contracts are generally discussed between publisher and author. Royalties are paid out every six months. Contracts come with 5 free copies of the final book. Author can purchase additional copies at a 60% discount of the list price.

 Authors must be 18 years old or older to submit.